The subject of this article:

  • exists in the Forrest Gump novel canon (including Gump & Co.)
  • is not mentioned in the Forrest Gump film canon

Wanda's is a strip joint in New Orleans, named after a regular performer named Wanda. By the beginning of Gump & Co., Forrest Gump has found a job as a janitor at Wanda's.

When Forrest is stationed in Alaska, he sees a "striptease artist" in a place called the Gold Rush Saloon, reminding him of Wanda's. Later, after Forrest's oystering business booms, he takes Little Forrest and Gretchen to see the Sugar Bowl, and invites several friends, including Wanda.

Memorials Edit

  • While staying at Mr. McGivver's farm in Coalville, West Virginia, Forrest names a piglet "Wanda" after "a ole friend of [his]."[1]
  • While working on his oystering business in Bayou La Batre, Louisiana, Forrest purchases a 1954 Chevrolet truck which he names Wanda in honor of "well, all the Wandas [he has] known."[2]

References Edit

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